For many years, the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was my nightmare. At the beginning I tried to be honest answering with an honest shrug but it wasn’t enough to my family and I didn’t blame them, I would love to have a proper answer for it.

I only knew two important things about me at that time: I loved videogames and sketch made me feel outside the adult world for a peaceful and magical couple of minutes (and now that I became an adult – I suppose that I can call myself that – the feeling still the same about adultland)

It’s not easy deal with the pressure to define yourself to the society when you still keep doing over and over again a journey inside you.

Only in 2010, when I went to IADE in Lisbon (Portugal) to study Design, with a lot of doubt and uncertainty, and I tried different areas of Design, I finally figured out the answer for that terrible question.

“Motion Design. As simple as that, even my grandmother can’t explain what is a “motion designer” when she wants to talk about me.

Motion Graphics is a wonderful definition and answer to define me as a person and as a professional, and how my future should be, at least how I will fight to shape it.

IADE gave me the tools during 3 years but my passion was growing outside the classroom, my 24 hours and seven days a week were full with my new and forever obsession. Motion graphics didn’t and don’t have agenda and as autodidact, every moment is a good opportunity to keep this passion alive.

I don’t want to bore you with the programs and other skills I developed (you can check about it above) because I’m a motion designer in progress, who gets inspired by the videogames of the past, amazing artists like Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell & the full team of Greyscalegorilla, great production studios like Polynoid Buck2VeinteBlur fantastic animation movies as Wall-E or even for the motion graphics breaks from MTV.

Even I know the answer now, that journey inside me that I talked about never stopped, I realized that the answer for that question doesn’t’ mean anything compared with the amazing feeling of being a human and a designer in progress for the rest of my life.

2014, I finished my Post-Graduation in Digital Design in Universidade Católica do Porto (Portugal), (only) one more step to expand my abilities.

And for now, I’m just looking for a new challenge to make some real progress on me but also to share and give back that knowledge to someone, to the World, and I just can’t wait to my next upgrade.



Visual Arts Field High School (Escola Secundária de Odivelas) (2007 – 2010)

Bachelor’s Degree in Design (IADE – Creative University, Lisbon, Portugal) (2010 – 2013)

Post – Graduation in Digital Design (UCP – Universidade Católica do Porto, Portugal) (2013 – 2014)


Creative Fields

I can offer wide range of services, from project concepts, styleframes to motion design, animation and commercial branding. Capable of executing projects from initial draft to final end result.

Motion Graphics – 2D/3D Animation – Broadcast Design – VFX – Post Production – 3D Modelling – Graphic Design – Branding – Illustration


Software Skills

Cinema 4D 3DS Max – ZBrush After Effects Premiere Photoshop Illustrator Realflow Processing HTML/CSS


Social Media

REEL 2016


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Recent work 2015 – 2016 HD

REEL 2014


Recent work 2014 HD



Feel free to contact me for any project or information!


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